I heard only experienced people can get medical jobs.

Wesley have been involved in medical recruitment for over 25 years, so we know a thing or two about this subject. . These days, everyone is busy and time poor.  Like other industries, when practices or medical units need another staff member, the first thing they tend to do is ask around for recommendations.   No-one enjoys placing a formal advert, scanning through hundreds of applications, shortlisting and interviewing. . ALL employers, are looking for the ‘right person’, and this […]

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Does Wesley provide a job placement service after the completion of the course?

Wesley have been recruitment specialists in the health field for over 25 years, in addition to being a specialist Registered Training Organisation in health administration. . We understand the medical recruitment space like no other organisation! . Wesley’s training programme is directly aligned to making students ‘Job Ready’ for a career in health or upskilling current candidates already in industry. . For Job Seekers, Wesley provide the following service to students : . Wesley Career Workshop Find out where the medical […]

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Are there extensive exams and assessments

Most of Wesley’s courses are Nationally Accredited and are therefore competency based.    This means Wesley assess candidates on actual skills and knowledge to perform the task.    Students need not worry about nasty closed booked exams – our assessment processes are practical and achievable! . Competency based assessments include: Case histories Observations Project Work Workplace simulated tasks Group discussions Question banks Before assessment tasks are performed, students undertake helpful Formative Activities which are designed to reinforce learning and establish […]

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Is the course open to any age or more suitable for a particular age group?

Wesley specialise in the medical professions and have been involved in recruiting for practices, hospitals and medical units for over 25 years. . The good news is mature aged students do very well in the medical space.   Employers value life experience so ‘age’ is never a concern.   The Wesley short course attracts many candidates, from mums returning to the workforce, nurses retraining for administration,  candidates in industry skilling-up, trainees of any age and those attracted to working in […]

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There are no pre-qualifications required.    However, a year 10 standard of English is required. Students will also need access to a computer, a reliable internet connection, a printer.  

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