Medical Stock Control

Assist in Controlling Stocks and Supplies (Medical) – BSBMED304

Understanding how to maintain stock levels, assist in stocktaking, store specialised stock and disposing of out-of-date stock in a medical treatment room is a crucial aspect of practice administration.

We guarantee receptionists and medical administrators already in industry will benefit from this information-packed short course which covers business considerations through to legislative requirements.

This  Online Unit is included in the Wesley Certificate III Business Administration (BSB31115) Qualification or can be studied as a stand alone short course here.    This course is delivered online via Wesley’s e-Learning portal.




Quick Facts BSBMED304


Assisting with Stocks and Supplies (Medical) is a short course which outlines all aspects of assisting with storage of stocks, assisting with stocktakes, supply chain and crucial information on the storage and disposal of specialised medical drugs (scheduled drugs).


The course will equip candidates with the required knowledge to become an effective member of the medical team and assist with the administration and storage of medical equipment, drugs and supplies.   Candidates will gain a good knowledge of the ordering process, stock control, documentation and process.


Students will work through ‘real life scenarios’, and engage in project work reflective of practice life.


We guarantee receptionists already in industry will benefit from this short course which covers business considerations, elements of practice management through to legislative requirements.


BSBMED304 Assist in controlling stocks and supplies is a CORE Unit of BSB31115 Qualification Certificate III Business Administration and can be credited to future Qualifications.

Delivery methods


This Unit can be studied at anytime and is delivered by Wesley Institute’s Online Learning Portal.



Assessments include real life medical scenarios,  case histories,  project work and question banks.



Content Brief

  • Determine own role in stock control process
  • Access documented procedures
  • Monitor stock against required levels
  • Order stock according to ordering cycles
  • Identify shortfalls in stock and take actionables
  • Check orders against documentation
  • Unpack stock and check condition
  • Identify damaged stock
  • Store stock in specialised storage
  • Handling Scheduled Drugs
  • Record keeping for specialised drugs and medical equipment
  • Understanding and assisting in the stocktake
  • Stocktake actions and documentation
  • Disposal of medical stock and drugs


There are no pre-requesites for this course other than a Year 10 Standard of English.

Students will need access to a computer, printer and internet.

Units of Competency

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BSBMED304 – Assist in controlling stocks and supplies





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This Unit can be studied at anytime and is delivered by Wesley Institute’s Online Learning Portal.



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