Cert III Business Administration (Medical) BSB31115

Medical Administration Training

Cert III Business Admin Medical.  Upskill for a Career in Health.


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Gain the knowledge and skills to become a professional Medical Administrator or Medical Receptionist by completing the Nationally Recognised Qualification in Business Administration (Medical). You will be employed in a variety of professional environments where your skills and contribution will be highly valued.

With the specialised Wesley Qualification, you will become an integral part of the medical healthcare team. Find yourself a role where you’re appreciated by patients and your support is relied upon by the clinical team to keep the business administration running smoothly. Your efficient, organised, caring approach makes a significant difference to the lives of others and engenders a sense of job satisfaction second to none.

There are a variety of opportunities in diverse health fields such as general practice, specialists, hospitals, dental practices and allied health units. Medical Administration is a vibrant career with qualified administrators being widely sought after in industry. With an aging population, medical administration is a government recognised growth area with strong upwards projection of job opportunities predicted into 2024 and beyond.

For students interested in career advancement, there are strong pathways to promotion available into more senior levels of administration and practice management.


The Wesley Programme


The Wesley Certificate III Business Administration (Medical) Qualification offers a unique user-friendly structure and flexible delivery supporting busy people who cannot study full time.Medical Reception Training

Our programme is an excellent mixture of face-to-face delivery (via Zoom) , hands-on workshops, interative tutorials, e-Learning and home self paced study. Face to face mentoring and workshops are required at intervals during the programme to consolidate learning and to gain benefit from the Trainer and Mentor’s breadth of experience in industry. Wesley believe the crucial medical units cannot be learnt online (such as medical terminology and medical triage).

The Wesley programme is information rich and every unit is specialised towards the health industry where knowledge is gained and crucial practical skills are learnt. Wesley utilise real medical forms, procedures, case histories and projects to bring our courseware to life.

Each candidate is supplied with a tailor-made Training Plan and learning pathway Check List to aid easy completion of the programme in steps – aimed to build on knowledge and skills in a meaningful way. Our candidates are supported by our mentor team during their learning journey towards a successful outcome.


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COVID-19 – The best time to train for a career in health.

Healthcare is the most predictable and stable workforce in Australia. It is also the largest and fastest growing employment sector in Australia. Given the challenges of COVID-19 and the extra workload for most clinics and hospitals, there is no better time than now to establish a new career in Health.

Wesley is working in collaboration with the Government to monitor COVID-19 and to provide a safe environment for our students.

To meet the needs of training in this changing environment, Wesley will be providing further online training opportunities especially for our short Medical Reception and Terminology course, which has always been delivered face-to-face. Further, we will be providing some sessions via Video Conferencing if and when required or as an add-on training opportunity.

Wesley will be providing Webinar opportunities for students to check in with Industry Leaders, ask questions, seek closer mentoring experiences and to discuss the Wesley program.

The Australian Health Industry needs qualified and dedicated Medical Receptionists and Administrators. There is no better time than NOW to progress your career in Health and make a difference!


Medical Reception TrainingWho is the Cert III Business Admin (Medical) training suited for?

The full Wesley Qualification is suitable for those interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in Health Administration subjects and is suited to those with a special interest in health, administration and helping others.

The Wesley Qualification not only focuses on specific knowledge required in a medical clinic but is also focused on developing key SKILLS in computing, desktop publishing and medical letter production and formatting. All units in the Wesley qualification are written for the medical environment, provide real life training using real forms, case histories, and situations.

RPL and Prerequesites

The Wesley Qualification is also an ideal opportunity for those in industry to recognise their experience through a combination of RPL (recognition of prior learning) and upskilling. Wesley have a pre-requesite of Year 10 standard of English and Maths, with basic computing skills (being able to use a keyboard and mouse).

Students should have access to a computer, printer and reasonable internet to complete the programme.



Skills Checkpoint Funding for Older Workers

The Skills Checkpoint Funding for Older Workers is a Federal Government initiative providing training for eligible Australian residents. The funding is an outstanding opportunity for over 45s to Up-skill for a Career in Health Administration. The funding offers 50% payment on course fees for eligible students. The good news is, matured aged students are in demand in Healthcare, an employment sector where life skills and experience is an advantage.

The funding is designed to help older Australians aged between 45 and 70

  • to re-skill or up-skill;
  • transition to a new career;
  • Gain skills they need to undertake a new role with their current employer;
  • Gain skills needed to increase their capacity to perform in their current role


November special $900 per student (50% of $1800). Click on the link below and take the eligibility test.

Update – as of 11/11/2020 –  Skills Checkpoint FUNDING is on HOLD-  Please  check  back  later,  as the Government Funding MAY be reinstated or retired.    Fingers crossed!

Medical Reception Training Funding




Queensland Government Skills Assure Funding for Queensland Residents

The Queensland Government is offering funding subsidies for qualifying students to study the Wesley Cert III program at heavily subsidised rates.  Students who quality pay just $75 (concessional students) or $299 (non concessional students) for our Qualification.

The Subsidy is for students wanting to enter the Health Field as a Career path and gives a good solid education for all areas of Medicine including GP, Allied Health, Hospital and Ward Clerks.

Check your eligibility here:




Key points to the Wesley Qualification

Our Qualification includes the Short Course (Medical Unit Skill Set) and further medical and administrative units. The general administrative units have been written specifically for the health professions and includes Medical Letter production, editing, proofreading and formatting.

The Wesley Qualification is information-rich, and designed in collaboration with industry to meet industry needs.


  • Short course: Medical Accounts, Terminology, Medical Records, Medicare Australia, e-Health, Confidentiality and Medical Ethics, Medical Computing and Patient Liaison (face-to-face training).
  • Medical Triage and Customer Service for Non-Clinical Staff (workshop) including understanding and triaging COVID-19
  • Australian Red Cross CPR Training (workshop)
  • Careers Workshop – Creating a Dynamic Portfolio
  • Microsoft Word Training – 7 modules with individual Certification for your Portfolio (e-Learning)
  • The Minute Takers Workshop (e-Learning)
  • Wesley Business Writing that Works (e-Learning)
  • Assist with controlling Medical Stocks and Supplies (e-Learning self paced)
  • Wesley’s ‘Write, Design and Produce Documents for the Australian Medical Office’ – Fast-track medical admininistration 4 unit bundle (e-Learning)
  • Wesley TypeQuick Online Keyboarding programme and Certification to Australian Standards (e-Learning self paced)
  • Elective : Women and Leadership : Owning your strengths and skills elective OR Minute Takers Workshop (e-Learning)
  • Medical Letter production and Medical Meeting Minute taking (workshop)



The pricing of our Qualification depends on individual circumstances, such as whether students have concessions or have completed another qualification. Government scholarships may be available in Queensland and Western Australia, and other concessional opportunities may be available in all states.

Refer to Certificate 3 Guarantee, User Choice Scholarship Programme, Future Skills WA Traineeship Programme for more information.

Wesley’s range of courses are Centrelink approved and you may be eligible for further subsidies and funding by the Australian Federal Government. Please check with your local Job Network Provider or Centrelink for supporting payments.


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OR Payment Plans available – Interest Free $1800 with a $400 deposit. Start today. We offer private students the opportunity to enrol for a $400 deposit and an interest-free payment plan over 6 months so students can begin their study programme immediately.

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Name Start Date Location Cost
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 ACT - Public Anytime ACT - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 NSW - Public Anytime NSW - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 NT - Public Anytime NT - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 QLD - Funded Non-Concessional Anytime QLD - ONLINE $299.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 QLD - Public Anytime QLD - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 QLD - Workplace Traineeships Anytime QLD - ONLINE $0.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 SA - Public Anytime SA - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 TAS - Public Anytime TAS - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 VIC - Public Anytime VIC - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 WA - Public Anytime WA - ONLINE $2,445.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 WA - Workplace Traineeship Anytime WA - ONLINE $0.00
BSB31115 - Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) 2020 QLD - Funded Concessional Anytime QLD - ONLINE $75.00


Forms and Downloads

To download a Queensland Scholarship Eligibility Form (Funding via Qld Dept of Education and Training) – please click here

To download an Enrolment Form please click here

To download an Interest-Free Payment Planplease click here

You may ring FREECALL 1800 001 256 or email your Enrolment Details to enrolments@wesleytraining.edu.au