Why Wesley


Wesley is Australia’s largest and leading providers of Nationally Accredited recognised training in health administration.  Wesley pioneered this unique learning programme in 1999 and have built a reputation second-to-none in industry ever since.   No-one understands the unique training needs and career-trends of the medical sector like Wesley Health.


Wesley delivery quality, effective training facilitated by industry leaders.  Just ask our students who rate us on average 4.7 out of 5.   Did you know almost a third of Wesley students attend our training through personal recommendations and word of mouth!   Now that’s a lot of happy students…

Industry Recognised

Wesley work hand in hand with industry to develop our core programme and meet with Industry leaders on a regular basis to revise and review our material and direction.   Wesley utilise the latest RACGP Standards as a basis of our comprehensive learning programme.

Real face-to-face training

Is it just us or have you noticed so many training companies offer only ‘online’ training options? Call us old fashioned, but Wesley believe that face-to-face training in key medical units with ‘real’ industry leaders, offering ‘real’ mentoring  is imperative to life-changing learning and growth.

Specialised Programme

Most Business Administration learner Courseware on the market is generic and very generalised.    Wesley’s business administration units have been custom written specifically for the medical environment, meaning learners receive specialised and industry-specific training.

Mixed Delivery

Wesley offer a unique delivery model of a combination of face-to-face training with Online self paced ELearning supported by industry leaders and mentors.     Wesley also offer a range of 800 online business skill set short courses to grow skills and knowledge in a variety of business and Microsoft products.


Our innovative teaching approach allows us to deliver exceptional training at affordable prices.    All courseware, mentoring,  resources and workbooks are provide to students with no hidden extras.

Great Job Results

Wesley students get jobs!  Our focus is to create job-ready students and to facilitate job and traineeship opportunities for our graduates working together with our industry partners.

Subsidies and Concessions

Some students may be eligible for funding or concessions in some locations.   Wesley Institute have been chosen by the Department of Education and Training to deliver Government subsidised courses in Queensland and Western Australia.   Wesley is an approved Centrelink provider and subsidies may be available via the various Centrelink initiatives.    Students should contact their local job network provider for more information about eligibility.  Wesley also provide concessional fees for students on a HCC.     If you live in Queensland or Western Australia, enquire about Government subsidies for our Cert III Qualification.