Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classes – the ultimate in flexible delivery

Our virtual classes offer the best of both worlds for today’s student to enable training throughout Australia in medical reception training.   Wesley use Zoom technology, to focus on face to face tutorials led by Industry experts.

What is a virtual class?

Wesley Training’s virtual classes are online classrooms delivered via the Internet that allow participants to communicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources and work in groups. This type of learning environment offers all students complete flexibility as they can attend sessions from any location without the cost or hassle of travelling to a particular venue. The only thing needed is a computer and a reasonable Internet connection.      

Wesley may offer this type of workshopping for regional locations where attending a face-to-face workshop may not be convenient.

What are the advantages of virtual classes?

This delivery method includes all the benefits of face-to-face training as well as a few others:

  • Study from any location in the world no flights or accommodation costs to attend the class!
  • Sessions are recorded and can be reviewed online after the class.
  • Interact with trainers and gain clarification of unit materials via dedicated Q&A time in each session.
  • Self-paced learning means you fit the study around your work and family commitments.

What equipment will I need if I want to attend virtual classes?

  • A computer with reliable Internet access.
  • A headset which plugs into your computer so you can hear and speak (a good quality headset is available from any electronics store for less than $50).
  • A quiet place to attend the session so you can clearly hear the trainer, and also to concentrate on the material being delivered.


When are the classes scheduled?

All courses offered via virtual classroom are delivered every month, depending upon demand of the particular workshop . You can repeat attendance at any session as many times as you need to gain full understanding of the unit content, and we also offer each session on playback after the session has finished. In addition to the virtual classroom sessions, all courses include online videos and recorded webinars to further enhance understanding of the unit information.


Will I be able to ask questions and speak to the trainer?

Virtual classes are run via Zoom software where you will be part of an online group attending an online meeting. You will be able to hear (and often see) the trainer and see the course materials presented by the trainer.   You will be able to hear other classmates if the trainer enables audio for the whole group.    Usually the trainer will give each attendee the opportunity to ask questions at a specified time to ensure everyone is able to hear clearly. Interaction with class attendees is more limited than a traditional face-to-face setting.


Who will be my trainer and assessor?

Your trainer will vary from session to session, month to month, but will be a suitably qualified trainer for the particular qualification you are studying.  After the workshop, you will be able to continue your assessment projects via the Wesley Assess application.


(Note: All webinar sessions  will be recorded and subsequently may be used as a pre-recorded webinar for access by other students.  However no personal details are made available from the recording.)