Wesley Traineeship Program

Establishing a traineeship program can help you expand and bring new skills into your business.

What is a traineeship?

Traineeships combine practical work with structured training to give your existing or new staff a nationally recognised qualification and the experience they need to excel in their career.    The training is funded by the Australian Government in addition to offering various incentives to the employer (depending on location).  The incentives may include a payroll tax exemption during the period of study.   In WA,  it is funded by the WA Department of  Training and Workforce Development.

Wesley Traineeships generally run over 12 months.   Wesley have formulated a unique Traineeship Model which combines face-to-face learning in crucial medical units, E-Learning programme and self paced study.

Our Program is easily achieved by staffers with a minimum of workplace downtime.   Our programme mentors spend time on-site with the employee to consolidate learning as well as mentoring throughout the programme.     Wesley touch base with supervisors to make sure learning correlates with workplace activities and identifies any gap training required.

Wesley have worked closely with industry bodies to formulate a solid entry level programme reinforcing necessary medical administrative training in key areas in addition to administrative units.

What makes our programme different?

The Wesley Trainee Programme for Medical Administrators is specifically written for industry.   Most Business Administration Qualifications on the market are generalist units.   Wesley’s programme has been written specifically for the medical sector incorporating real life scenarios, case histories, medical forms and more embedded in all of our units.

This means our programme is relevant and finely tuned to the needs of medical units, practices and hospitals in Australia.

Benefits of Training your staff

There are many benefits to upskilling your staff:

  • Consistent knowledge and skills in key areas (such as confidentiality, legislation,  medical records, medical triage for non-clinical staff, understanding Medicare Australia)
  • Staff retention – staff appreciate employers investing in their professional development
  • Payroll tax exemption and other financial incentives
  • Study pathways to further learning building to high expertise in teams and practices

Through our traineeship programs your employees will not only gain a nationally recognised qualification through a flexible and responsive mode of learning but also experience training that is meaningful to their workplace and relevant to their role.

Our Trainers and Mentors

Wesley’s dynamic team of trainers, assessors and workplace mentors are highly motivated and experienced industry professionals with special qualifications in adult education.  Wesley believe in a truly combined learning experience where students benefit from ‘real relationship’ and face-to-face learning with the flexibility of E-Learning programmes and self paced study.

Employment Services

Wesley Institute work closely with our Apprenticeship and Traineeship partners.   Looking for new staff?   Meet with our Traineeship Gateway reps who can help source a recruit free of charge.   This service includes:

  • Screening
  • Advertising on the Traineeship gateway
  • Personality and skill profiling
  • Mentoring
  • Interviewing and shortlisting

Many of the potential employees have already completed Wesley’s short course (Medical Reception and Terminology) and have shown the aptitude, skills and knowledge to start their career in health.   Further traineeship support can be offered in completing the entire Certificate III Qualification with employer incentives and subsidised by the Autralian Government.

Incentives for the Employer

As part of their commitment to developing a skilled Australian workforce, the Australian Government offers a number of financial incentives to encourage employers to incorporate traineeship programs into their business.   More details can be given by our local Apprenticeship Representative.


For more information about incentives available to you, please contact us at info@wesleytraining.edu.au

Employee Benefits

A Wesley Traineeship provides an excellent learning pathway to further education with learning material which builds upon your current workplace experience.

The Wesley Certificate III Business Administration (Medical) qualification will offer a Nationally Recognised Qualification and in addition offer you real expertise in your chosen career.    This will allow for greater job satisfaction and the ability to move forward and upwards in health administration.

This may be via in-house career opportunities or you may choose to continue your studies towards higher qualifications into the future.

Studying while working will showcase to your employers your range of skills and abilities, and also your dedication for the industry.     Employers will also be eligible for a range of incentives to support the education and learning process.  So this scenario truly is win:win!

Make an enquiry today and Wesley, together with our Traineeship Industry Partners, can outline in more detail the benefits to you and your employer.


Fees and Charges WA

There are essential course fees that are required to be charged in line with WA Government Department of Training and Workplace Development.



In Traineeships the employer or employee may pay the course fee.    Trainees are required to pay course fees regardless of mode of delivery, including training that is 100% on the job.

An hourly rate based on nominal hours will apply to each unit commenced in 2019.     Wesley Certificate III Business Admin (Medical) is 438 nominal hours.


Apprenticeships and Traineeships                 $3.25    fee rate per nominal hour

Apprenticeships and Traineeships                 $0.97   CONCESSIONAL fee rate per nominal hour



The student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.  Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.   Wesley Institute do not have a separate resource fee.  All fees are inclusive of workbooks, resources and materials as of 1 January 2019.

More information about our Fees and Charges, and refund policy for traineeships can be found under Student Services,  WA Traineeship Fees and Charges Policy 2019

The student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.  Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.







Fees and Charges QLD   

User Choice Traineeship Program Funded by the Queensland Government

There are essential course fees that are required to be charged in line with Qld Government Department of Employment, Small Business and Training.



Student contribution fees under the User Choice program are set at $1.60 per nominal hour for each unit of competency/module.  This fee may be adjusted annually.   Partial or full exemptions may be applicable under certain circumstances.

Full details of fees and charges policy, including cost breakdown, collection method, refunds policy and exemptions can be found under Student Services under Queensland Funding Traineeship Fees and Charges Policy 2019.



There are considerable Government Incentives available for Employers who provide Traineeship and Training opportunities to their staff.   Payments of upwards $1500 – 5000 are offered to employers in addition to tax breaks.

Make an enquiry, and Wesley together with our Australian Apprenticeship Partners will advise what subsidies and incentives are available to you.

Up-skilling staff in fundamental skills and knowledge is a sound investment for any business.   Candidates are upskilled and also understand the level of commitment of the employer to their personal and professional development.